Jayson Allen, Owner of Allen Roofing & Construction

Jayson Allen

Allen Roofing & Construction is owned by Gurley, AL native Thomas “Jayson” Allen. Jayson spent more than twenty years moving up the ranks in the roofing industry. He started as a laborer in Gurley, AL and after moving to South Florida in 1989, he continued to advance in the roofing and construction field. Jayson worked his way up the ladder while learning the importance of quality workmanship.

In 2007, Jayson earned his roofing license in the state of Florida. Since that time, Jayson has worked hard to perfect his trade while staying up to date with continuing education and a commitment to excellence. Jayson’s return to Alabama in 2003 has allowed him to share his knowledge of residential and commercial roofing systems with the Tennessee Valley. For the last 17 years, Jayson has been dedicated to providing top notch workmanship at affordable prices to Marshall County and surrounding areas.  

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(256) 244 – 3717
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